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One point of contact for all your e-Commerce needs

Are you confused about where to start with a webshop, do you need help knowing how much you should spend to make an online shop work? Ask us to give you a call back, we can talk with you about your requirements and if you're serious about getting results from an online shop, then we are here for you.

We are not going to pretend you're going to get rich as soon as you go live with a new shop.. what we will do is explain the building blocks of eCommerce as we build your shop with you, we will listen to what you need, who your customer is and give you the start you need to make a success of your online business and we will help you along the way.

Professional Webdesign
To provide a great design we need to talk to you, about your company, your customers and listen to your requirements. We build a design for you, and make an online brand your clients will remember and enjoy using.

Mamut Integration
Our webshops are fully integrated with Mamut, we also offer integration software to integrate Magento, EZ Publish, VirtueMart / Joomla, Bysant and Netmaking 
Content Management System included
All solutions eXcommerce are built on DotNetNuke (DNN), which is the world's leading content management system built by Microsoft . We are a Certified Partner of DotNetNuke.
Our customers trust us
Our systems are critical to sales and logistics and our customers trust our service and support level, our priority every day is to be a supplier that our customers can rely on.

One of our big success stories this year will be the new swims website, we are working closely with APT in norway to break some traditional eCommerce styles and show what eCommerce can do with creative designers  

Christian Osther
CEO, eXcommerce

 One page checkout,  weather based sales module, social media promotion modules are just a few of the new exciting features that eXcommerce are building for our customers this year,  if you need something special we can help. 

Andy Smith
CTO, eXcommerce
We needed a professional news module for our social media strategy. Using eXcommerce we have implemented a news system that integrates with Facebook and Twitter and also streams news to our iPhone app,  a complete solution 
Sigurd J. Øglænd
CEO, PFC Nordic - BuenaVentura as