eXcommerce is built using the Dotnetnuke framework, all DNN functions are available for us within your eXcommerce delivery.

Training and Testing

To make it easier for you to test out your new skills we have made a test area for you at testexcommerce.gototempurl.com 
Now and again we will reset the area so please dont save anything important there !

Download Dotnetnuke Manuals
You can find the user and superuser manuals here: http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Resources/Manuals.aspx 
These manuals are website related allowing you to enter content, change menus add pages and much much more.. 

Starting out
Getting Started- Welcome to Dotnetnuke! a good introduction for first timers. 
Switching view modes - important for content editors, it shows you how pages are laid out, how you can preview your work

Page functions
Login as admin user - changing the admin password for the administrator
Adding a new page
Renaming a page
Deleting a page

Module Functions
How to add a module to a page
How to use a module menu and what the menu options mean
Editing content in a HTML module
Another HTML Module
HTML Workflows - how to rollback to a previous version of content

More advanced functions:
Basic Site functions - these are usually done for you, please take care before changing.
File manager